Dining Room Project

This was an exciting project for me. I started lifting up corners of the carpet in this room when we first moved in. I was disappointed to find linoleum tiles under it. This kept me from touching it for two years, because I figured the cost would be ridiculous. I had a two week lay off from work this past summer so I decided to dive in and see what was under the linoleum. To our surprise, we had hardwoods! Sanding was a pain because the linoleum left a coating of black under it. We also decided not to stain these floors and opted to just clear coat them. I really loved the unfinished look, but as the clear coat dried it got darker. We are still on the fence about how they turned out, but we will wait awhile before touching them again. I also decided the room needed a touch of shiplap. After the shiplap, I painted the walls a lighter color. I used Gatherings from Magnolia Market. This is an awesome neutral grey. I have tried many greys before and they usually had a blue hue to them. This one doesn’t seem to have them. It is a very light grey that many people have mistaken for an off white. Either way, I love the color. The next phase we have for this project is the stairs and doing some finishing touches. We also got a new farmhouse table and may be opting for new chairs. I love the change in this room. It feels much more light and airy. I have more of a French country feel in my dining room and living room.


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