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This is my first post for a DIY project so this is already done. I apologize if these instructions are not too in depth. This is my first time explaining a DIY so bare with me! I plan on doing something similar to this soon so I can post step by step pictures. Here are step by step instructions on what to do. This wall uses the same size of plywood strips, you can use various sizes but these are 6 inches.




Time Length of Project:

  • Can be done in 1- 2 days

Things you will need:

  • plywood
  • sand paper
  • various stains (early American, special walnut, dark walnut, golden oak, etc.)
  • stain brushes
  • nail gun
  • finishing nails
  • chop saw
  • pry bar
  • nails

Step 1: Plywood

  • Get a sheet of plywood from a store of your choice. We got ours from Home Depot.
  • Do not use the thinnest option of plywood.
  • Cut the plywood into 6 inch strips. (We had Home Depot cut them for us while we were there…it is 50 cents a cut)

Step 2: Sanding

  • Sand the plywood by hand so it is nice and smooth (this shouldn’t take long, because there is usually one side of the plywood already sanded)

Step 3: Staining

  • Pick out a bunch a random stains to use… I used early American, special walnut, dark walnut, and golden oak
  • use a stain brush to apply the stain
  • randomly stain the boards and try mixing stain colors

Step 4: Wait

  • Once you have the boards stained, let them dry. I let them dry over night, but I’m sure about 4 hours would be fine.

Step 5: Remove trim

  • You should remove your trim, including baseboards.
  • You can do this with a pry bar and hammer

Step 6: Cut and Nail

  • After the boards are dry you are ready to put them on the wall.
  • The boards can have random lengths, full lengths, or a pattern. (I chose random)
  • Cut the boards with a chop saw to the length you want them.
  • Use a nail gun to hang them on the wall. (You can use a stud finder to nail into studs, but the plywood is light enough you might not need to worry about it)
  • You can use nickels as spacers if you want a space in between the boards (I chose not to do this)

Step 7: Add trim

  • After you hang the wood, you can put up your desired trim, like baseboards.

Feel free to ask questions if you have any! 🙂

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    OMG it’s beautiful!! LOVE!


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