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Decorate Your Mudroom Bench

The past few days I have been working on my entry/mudroom. Our entry is only 7×5 feet so its quite small. To make this space functional, we added a mudroom bench so we have a place to store and hang our jackets. If you have guests over or aren’t using it, you can use it as a decorative piece. It’s the welcome statement into your home and it should really show your style.

I came up with a few different ways to decorate it using things I had around the house. There are endless possibilities to what you can do here. I chose just a few to give you a bit of inspiration. Pinterest is also a great source for finding inspiration for your mudroom/entry.

In my last blog post, I painted the room and bench to give it a fresh look. My home has a farmhouse feel but a feminine touch to it. I wanted relay this message in my entry to give a cohesive look. I think that the main rooms of the home should flow together.

Keep It Simple

The first look I will show you is what I chose to do for my last blog post. It is very simple and there could be a few things added to it, but I just used what I had.

I traded my cotton for leafy greens in my living and dining so I made use of them in here. I think cottons can really go with any season so these could stay here year round if I wanted to (but I constantly change my mind so I doubt they will be there too long). My boyfriends mom made me the gorgeous “Gather” sign. There isn’t too much going on here because I wanted to keep it simple. Another good idea for this space would be baskets up top instead of the décor pieces. This would allow for more storage in a small area.

Add Pillows

The next idea is to add pillows. My bench is rather small so I didn’t want to clutter it. The grey fabric compliment the wall color in this room. Pillows can be fun for this area so you can bring in hints of color. They also make the space feel a bit more cozy. I added my Guess bag because of it’s shape and earth tones.

Crates and Plants

Here I added plants on the bench. It’s fun to mix different textures and shapes together. The greenery really draws your eye in because of light colors everywhere else. The green is bold compared to the pastel pink and light tan bag. The crate adds a vintage and farmhouse feel.


Farmhouse Focus

This look has a lot of browns and whites. I decided to lose color and bring in those brown neutral tones. I love this arrangement. There isn’t a lot of space to hang up your jacket so this is best if you just want your décor to be the focus.

No Decor

I obviously love decorating and can’t help myself, so I’m not sure if I could handle nothing. I don’t have kids though and I know it can be really hard to keep things tidy. You can always decide to not decorate your bench, or just decorate up top. This place should be functional for your needs. You may need all the coat space and the storage. I think it still looks great all on its own!

As you can see, there are many ways to spruce up your mudroom bench. You can keep it simple with your décor or make a statement. It’s fun to add different colors and textures to make it pop. Make sure it shows your personal style, flows with your home, but also suites your needs.

Paint Makes All the Difference; The Entry

Hello all! My entry has been a struggle the past few years. When I first moved into this little farmhouse a few years ago our roommates gave me so much crap for painting everything tan. They had a point, literally every room was tan (kitchen, dining, living room, bathroom, bedroom, upstairs…EVERYTHING).  I thought I would make a statement by painting the entry bright red. That statement blew up in my face, because it was hideous. It was too much of a statement for me. I have developed better taste since then and traded bold colors for neutrals.

Like most people I know, Pinterest is where I get most of my inspiration. I had my boards full of different paint colors I wanted to try, but no stores around me carried those name brands. I decided to just check out my local hardware store to find something that would do. I hadn’t tried a grey paint in my home yet. Everyone was raving about the new greys and greige’s so I figured I should give it a shot. Here’s a few tips from my experience: Don’t pick a paint color in a hurry because you probably won’t make the best decision. Shop around and look at different brands of paint. The second tip is to always get a sample to actually put on the wall. Paint varies on the lighting and texture of the wall. It can look like a complete different color in a room full of natural light compared to a basement. Lastly, I chose a satin finish the first few rounds, and I will never do that again. The glossy look just came off cheap and tacky so pay attention to the way the light reflects off the wall.

I looked at a few grey paint swatches and chose one that I thought would look nice. I was going for a true dark grey. I bought an entire gallon of the color (without sampling it) that I thought was going to be gorgeous. I rolled it on the walls and was devastated. It was a not the true grey I was hoping for. Instead of getting the charcoal color that was painted on the lid of the can, I got a blue grey. This would be fine for some people, but I personally can’t stand blue. I’d rather have a grey with a tan hue to get that greige look. I tried to let it grow on me, but it never did. I was embarrassed for people to see it.

It settled for it for awhile, but I realized that it didn’t go with the rest of my home. My personal style really shines through in my living and dining room. I keep it a farmhouse feel blended with glam and French country. My inspirations for décor/design are Joanna Gaines and Jillian Harris (TV shows: Fixer Upper and Love It or List It too). I’d like to think my style is a mix between the two. This dark and dreary entry wasn’t sending out the message I wanted it too.

I have fallen in love with the Gatherings paint color from Joanna’s paint line. I had some left over from my last project so I decided to use it for this. I also decided to paint my mudroom bench a crisp white. I love distressed furniture, but I wanted a clean look. I’m not sure how long it will stay this clean because farm life can be pretty messy. I’m still working on finding a new rug and something for the walls in this room, but it’s just amazing to see what paint can do. I now have people tell me I have “too much” white in my home. Maybe for them, but I’m not offended because I LOVE white!

I’m on a tight budget right now because I’m going through some things with my job. It can be really difficult to have this hobby and low on income. I haven’t had to spend an extra dime in this room. I used left over paint and décor I wasn’t using in my other rooms at the moment.  Talk about on a budget right? That is something I would like to try more often. I want to show you all that decorating and sprucing up your home can be affordable (and without being tacky).

I’m ecstatic the way this turned out! It feels so fresh and new. The décor has a mix of cotton and light pink. The two elements give it a farmhouse and feminine touch. I’m sure I will continue to update the décor so I will keep you all posted! The next few budget projects I plan to tackle are my hallway and kitchen. I have had people ask why I haven’t shown pictures of my kitchen..well it’s just not pretty yet!

I will keep you all updated with my upcoming projects! It’s only January of 2017 and I have transformed a space in my home that I once hated. I hope this inspires some of you to get out your paint brushes and to get the motivation that you have been waiting for! 🙂

              Before                                               After


What I Wish I Would’ve Known Before I Moved On My Own

I have a confession to make: I moved out of my parents house the day I graduated high school. Literally after my ceremony I had my bags packed and was on the road. Although I love my family, I was (and still am) in love. I wanted to start my own life with him so I didn’t waste any time. I knew it all you know? I was an adult and could do what I wanted. There are so many things I wish I would’ve known before I moved out. 

What to Buy

My boyfriend moved into this house before I graduated so he already had many of the necessities. I did help buy things because I knew that I would also be living there. I knew that we would need dishes, towels, and cooking utensils. I just didn’t realize how much you need. Here is a list of what I can think of for you to buy:

Wash Towels
Drying Towels
Dish Soap
Disinfecting Wipes
Paper Towels
Casserole Pans
Cookie Sheets
Oven Mitts
Cooking Thermometer
Crock Pot
Coffee Pot
Coffee Cups
Glass Cups
Wine Glasses
Saran Wrap
Wax Paper
Ice Trays
Measuring Cups
Pizza Cutters
Steak Knives
Trash Can
Garbage bags

Washing Machine
Clothes pins
Softener/Dryer Sheets
Laundry Baskets (get a few)
Trash Can

Dining Room:
(This room doesn’t NEED much)
Table and Chairs

Living Room (most are optional, just ideas):

Sheets (buy extra)
Pillow cases
Curtains and/or blinds

Clothing hangers

Toilet paper (buy extra)
Shaving cream
Feminine products
Hand soap
Hair brush/pick
bobby pins, hair ties, etc.
hair spray, gel, and other hair products
straightener, wands, and irons
Make up
Make up brushes
Make up cleaners
Face wash, acne medications, toners, etc.
Other skin care
Wash cloths
Bath towels
Hand towels
Cleaning towels
Cotton balls
Q tips
First Aid Kit
Toilet cleaner
Glass cleaner
Shower cleaner
Bath bubbles
Medications (laxatives, prescription meds, cough syrup, etc.)
Trash can
Shower curtain (outer) and inner curtain
Curtain rings
Eyebrow “pluckers” and scissors

Broom and dust pan
Dusting supplies
Dusting rags
Steel wool
Window cleaner
Floor cleaner
Stain Remover
Carpet cleaner
Furnace filter

Extension cords
Radio (weather)
Light Bulbs

Smoke Alarms
Essential oils
Lawn Mower
Storage totes
Curtain rods

Quite the list right? I’m sure there are a million things you could add to it. But, you get the point. If you haven’t moved out yet, pay attention to little things that are around your current home.


When I first moved into our home we had a total of four people living here. Me, wade, and our two roommates were under one roof. The two roommates were my relatives so I felt comfortable around them. If you are in the position to choose roommates, don’t pick your best friend. I have heard countless stories of friendships ruined because of living together. Pick someone you feel you can trust and you can get along with (for the most part). I was the only girl in the house and I found out fast that guys can be really messy. If any of you ladies get into this situation, one of the first things you’ll realize is you’re more like your mother than you thought. I wish I would’ve known how messy boys can be! (Not all boys are messy and not all girls are neat) I thought everyone knew just to clean up after themselves, to put down the toilet seat, and to switch their own laundry. It all depends on how your roommates were brought up. Some were taught how to be responsible, others not so much. I took on most of the cleaning activities and grocery shopping. We learned from trial and error that it was best for everyone to pay for their own groceries. Otherwise you end up in fights about who ate all the barbeque chips in a day.

Eventually the two roommates moved out. We learned a lot about each other over time. We learned each other’s pet peeves and habits. As you go through this experience you will either create a stronger relationship or ruin one. Remember this before you choose who to live with.


When thinking about moving into your own home you should expect the usual: rent and utilities. Things are much more expensive than you assume. Before moving into your home it would be wise to start a budget. Ask your parents or friends what is a reasonable amount to expect. Groceries, for starters, can get out of control. I finally set a budget because I never planned meals. I never realized I was throwing out most of my snacks because I didn’t eat them in time. I ended up saving $40 a week by just making a list of things we NEED (not just getting what looked good). If you have to purchase your own washer and dryer check out swap pages on Facebook or Craigslist. I recommend this for all yoqur furniture and appliances. You’d be surprised what great deals you can get. We live on an acreage so we also have to pay for LP for our heat and stove. When looking at your finances, make sure you have at least $1,000 for emergencies. With bills adding up, you will have to pay them by a certain date. It helps to mark the calendar and put a reminder in your phone to get used to it. At this point in your life, you should be financially responsible.


I’m still learning new hacks for cleaning. I really wish they had a class for this in my High School. You should make or print off a cleaning schedule to get into a habit. I like to get up early in the morning to vacuum my floors and wipe off counters. I have three indoor cats so I have found that they are MESSY!! They leave so much cat hair around the house. If you plan to have pets, watch out for white furniture. It looks gorgeous at first, but then a few days later it will be covered in pet hair. An easy solution is to lint roll or vacuum it up. It can get annoying doing this every single day, but it’s best to make it just a habit to keep it clean. Make sure to have cleaning products around the house like pledge, bleach, dish soap, shower cleaner, disinfecting wipes, stain removal, etc. I want to emphasize the stain removal. One of my cats got sick a few weeks ago and got vomit on my white chair (I know, eww). I quickly got my stain removal out, but I did something really stupid. I wiped it up with a blue rag. DO NOT USE COLORED RAGS TO CLEAN. I just refuse to buy them at all now to avoid temptation. My chair turned blue for a few seconds. I was in tears I was so worried. I managed to get the blue out, thank goodness. You will be in for a shock how much cleaning there is. I love a clean house so I do it daily. I’ve also learned my mom isn’t crazy. My sister and I used to roll our eyes when my mom would make a fuss the house wasn’t clean enough when company was stopping over. I go through a small panic whenever family says they’re in town and want to stop over. GET OUT THE CLEANING SUPPLIES AND A CAN OF RED BULL. Just kidding, sort of. I have went through 3 vacuum cleaners. I finally found one that I can depend on and works amazing for pet hair. I got a Shark from Walmart for $200. I think it’s better vacuum wood floors rather than sweeping them. I haven’t owned a Kirby, but I have been told the Shark works WAY better. I also recommend real dusting cloths because they seem to pick up the dust rather than letting it float around.


I took a life skills class in high school my freshman year. I should’ve had this course right before graduation so I could remember any of it. I could pour cereal in a bowl and throw a pizza in the oven. Before you venture out on your own you should try out the basics. These include spaghetti, tacos, goulash, casseroles, and crock pot meals. Pinterest can be your best friend here. It can show affordable and easy meals, but it can also give complicated ones. I have seen pins that say “simple chili” or something like that. They include like 10 ingredients and 2 of them I’ve never heard of. I tried this once and accidentally made my chili taste like cookies. It was disgusting, my dog wouldn’t even eat it. Stick to the basics when starting out. It might be best to ask a family member for their recipe. Write down the meals that turned out successful. If you’re like me, please don’t get discourage when you burn your first meal. Instead of scalloped potatoes and ham, I have potato chips and bacon bits. It was awful. It makes for really funny stories once you get past the embarrassment. When you make a meal for guests, don’t try a brand new. Make one that you have mastered.


I know the cute little fur balls are hard to resist, but there is so much you should realize before you get yourself into this. They are expensive. I spend about $25 per week on my pets (3 cats and a dog). Cats require litter, cat food, shots, neutering (if you choose), and grooming. Dogs have all of these except litter, but they require training. Puppies also require frequent* attention and love. They are very messy too, they literally chew up EVERYTHING. They are like little toddlers running around, leaving you to clean up after them. Changing litter and picking up poop isn’t that fun. Although all of these things stink, you do gain a companion. My cats have become part of our family. It’s just something you should weigh out before you take on the responsibility.

I know this is kind of a random and vague post for some of you. Most of you probably have your own home already, but this is a topic I am pretty fresh with. My sister will be moving out within the next few years so I hope I can bring some tips to her. It is important to pass down advice to people going into the real world.

(My apologies for the lack of photos in this post!!!!)

Bathroom Organizing: Open Shelving

Well here it is, my first late post. It’s been such a crazy week, we all have that right? The other day I decided to declutter, which is a huge stress reliever. I organized it (and hopefully it stays that way) top to bottom in a way that makes it super convenient yet stylish.

Bathrooms can be ridiculously expensive, depending on your taste. I’m cursed with loving everything expensive. I don’t always go for it, but it’s the first thing that will catch my eye. Hide the price tags and I’m sure I can still point it out. Anyways, we all can’t afford to do a huge renovation.

One of the many things you can do with your bathroom is have organized storage. I chose to have open shelving in my bathroom cabinet so it constantly has to look neat. I love everything fresh and clean (except my car, it’s a mess). The first thing to do is to declutter. Take out all of the things you do not need. Don’t try to convince yourself to keep that two year old lipstick you’ll never actually use. Throw it in the trash.

My cabinet started off as its natural wood finish so I decided to paint it white. After I did all that work, we added white shiplap. The white cabinet wasn’t a statement anymore. I wanted to add some contrast and give the bathroom a classic industrial feel. I decided painted it black instead. One thing to add about painting furniture black…it gets SUPER dusty! So think carefully before you pick up the brush.

With open shelving, you might want more “pretty pieces” to go inside the cabinet. Consider what these pieces can be functional for. Our bathroom is a tight space so being creative was necessary.

I placed bath towels on the bottom right shelf. Towels are used every day so they should be in reach and easy to access. I also put a few more a couple levels up for extra. Candles give me a sense of relaxation, so why not put them in them in the bathroom? On the bottom left shelf is a woven basket with hand and wash towels. Matching towels give a higher end look. The white towels make you feel as if you’re in a hotel. I keep my wash towels dark because of make up.

The next level up contains a metal basket of TP. I have a confession here, I don’t use this TP. It’s totally for looks because of my OCD. I need there to be an amount that keeps it looking full and never running too low. We stash our actually TP in the bottom cabinet which has doors. I keep the decorative TP because, well, it’s just cute okay? Next to the metal basket it a jar of cotton balls.

The top basket on the right contains medicines. We get sick once or twice a year so we can put them up higher. While you’re putting medicine in the appropriate place, check the expirations while your at it. I kept the Tylenol in the drawer because I get headaches often. You’d be amazed at what you’ve been hoarding over the years

It is so important to keep most of your bathroom décor feeling like you’re in a bathroom. When I first decorated this space, I put random things in the shelves. Sure it was cute, but it was like what’s the purpose of the pitcher on the shelf?  You can totally have random items, but it’s fun to add a bit of creativity!

I received the mason jar set as a gift for graduation a few years ago. It’s super cute and you can use it anywhere in your home! It originally had flowers in it, but it worked perfectly for this space. I dumped the flowers and put q tips, cotton balls, and face was in them. Still stylish, but very functional. Other options you could do: toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotions, nail polish, etc. The last shelf belongs to the feminine products. I put razors, tampons, etc in this bucket. All products are hidden, but are still accessible.

Soo.. here’s a review of the way I have organized:

1. Towels: Bath and wash

2. Daily Necessities: toothbrushes, pastes, cotton balls, toilet paper, etc.

3. Extra Towels and other necessities

4. Medicines and once a month products

I could see levels 1 and 2 switched around to fit your personal needs. May cabinet also contains a few drawers and doors under the open shelving. These are products I don’t want to show the world or aren’t visually appealing. They contain face washes, acne treatments, hair products, etc. The lower cabinet contains cleaning supplies for the bathroom. All tucked away and looking lovely.

I hope this helped inspire some ideas for your own bathroom!

The “Master” Bedroom Transformation.. that never ends

I feel everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, even in their talents. My strengths are dining rooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and awkward spaces. For some unknown reason I connect really well with these rooms. They just click for me. I designed, decorated, and fell in love with them. I have struggles with the bedroom décor in my own home. I started this project right when we moved in. I don’t have photos of the original wallpaper, but there was A LOT of it. There was three layers I believe. I have done many different projects in my home. I have had love hate relationships with many of them, but taking down wallpaper is all hate.

We started off with this white-ish carpet. Don’t get me wrong, I think carpet in the bedroom really cozies up the space. This carpet was just old, stained, and had to go. Lucky for me, the carpet was super easy to take up. They did not put a padding underneath it and it was not stapled to the floors. We uncovered beautiful hardwood under the carpet. This is always a score, because it saves tons of cash. We haven’t redone these floors at all and I think we will wait on it. I do like the color and they are in decent shape.

As you can see, these photos have super low quality so my apologies. This was a big break through for me. This was the first dramatic change I made in our home. This was before I started the bathroom and before the shiplap. I have went through 4 different comforters since I moved here two years ago. This is my struggle with bedrooms. I cannot decide what will look best for the space. It could also be the size of my bedroom. Our room is 10 x 13 feet. There is only one window where we originally place the bed. I have a thing for symmetry. I couldn’t stand the bed pushed to the left and the right side having a night stand.

There was a false ceiling originally in this room. I can’t stand drop ceilings, one of my biggest pet peeves. We had ripped ugly thing down in one day. The next decision made was to add bead board, crown molding, and an elegant chandelier. I wanted this space to feel luxurious and feminine, with a French country touch.

To keep the elegant feel, I purchased a large tufted headboard. It makes a statement and really sets the feel for the room. I tried white pinched bedding from Wayfair. It was beautiful and stayed pretty for quite awhile. The problem with white bedding is pet hair. It seems impossible to keep it clean all of the time. It shows so easy.

On the other side of the room is a refinished dresser that Wade’s mom did for us. We love it and still think it is one of more beautiful pieces in the house. We are constant Netflix watchers. We actually spend most of our time watching TV in our room rather than the living room. Thus we have a larger television in here rather than pretty décor above it.

I bought the paint in here from Walmart originally…and I LOVED it! It was a beautiful taupe color. It changed from a grey to a beige at different times of the day. I can’t remember the color unfortunately. It was pretty in person, but you can’t tell by the photos. It’s crazy how things can change color in a camera shot. I decided to repaint because it was SO unappealing in pictures. It was not something I wanted show off. I repainted it Silos White from Magnolia Market.

This is a beautiful warm white. Call me crazy, but it makes the room feel more expensive. It gives it a classy vibe, which I adore. I also added these pretty drapes from Ballard Designs. I added a new chair that matches the one in my dining room. I love the distressing on this chair and the linen color.  We decided to switch the room around so we can have room for two nightstands.



Shop My Dining Room

This is definitely my favorite room in the house. I used warm tones in this room as I did in the living room. I have the same curtains used throughout the dining and living room. The rooms are connected through a large arch way. This makes the room flow together yet keep a separate feel. I did the East wall in this room with shiplap and shiplap going up the stairs on the West wall. I used Gatherings by Magnolia Market for paint on the walls. This is a color from Joanna Gaines’ paint line. I absolutely love it. I tried finding a true grey for awhile and this one is amazing. It is super light and airy with no blue tint to it.

I keep the room a Farmhouse/French country feel with an elegant flair to it. I add elegance to the room by using crystals in the chandelier and items that have sparkle. I keep the farmhouse roots with an x style custom built table, raw wood elements, linen drapes, and shiplap. I sprinkle a bit of French Country with my upholstered chairs, metal table, and a vintage sign.

This room has been a work in progress for so long and I still have some finishing touches to add to it. I like to shop online for most of my finds. I like the ease of just hitting the “place order” button and wait for my package to arrive. The buffet was gifted to us and was refurbished by my boyfriend’s mom. She repurposes furniture and has so many beautiful pieces. This room has great natural light to bring in more the warm colors. My favorite find of this room is my upholstered chairs I recently got from Wayfair. They are the perfect blend of distressing and elegance.

Below the photos are links to purchase these products:

Links to Purchase:

Chandelier: Menards $179

Curtains: JCpenny $20

Chalkboard: Hobby Lobby $80

Cotton Wreath:Magnolia Market $54

Vintage Sign:Magnolia Market $88

Wood and Metal Table: Magnolia Market $295

Candlesticks:Magnolia Market (no longer available)

Rug: Wayfair $80.99

Upholstered Chairs:Joss and Main $240.95 (set of 2)

X Style Chairs: Walmart $75 (set of 2)

Jars: Gordmans


Shop My Living Room

Have you wondered where I get my pieces? This room is full of affordable furniture and décor from local and online stores. I have a French Country mixed with Farmhouse feel for my main living spaces. I like to use warm and inviting tones. I also love white and neutral colors. You will not see bright colors put into my personal spaces very often. I use some greens and florals during spring and summer which add pops of color. A plus of using neutral colors is that you can add different colors to create a different mood to the room. This room pours light in with a large arched window to the east and a smaller window to the north. We do not have any furniture blocking off the light in this room. I feel natural light is one of the most important elements in a space.

I find that most of these products are fairly inexpensive. I think most people who are not accustomed to decorating and how prices run, may feel some of these are above their expectations. This oversized clock was $100, which I thought was a steal for the size. It also sets the French Country feel with the Fleur de lis symbol. The curtains from JCpenny were only $20 per panel and they were also on a special at the time. I have a many pieces from Hobby Lobby and Wayfair. I think Hobby Lobby is a great place to shop, they always have deals. Wayfair has great specials for shipping and competitive prices.

This room was not set on a budget. I looked around for the best prices on products I was interested in. Spending 3,000 dollars on a new furniture set wasn’t in the cards for me this year. It is our first “real” living room set and didn’t want to go overboard. Anything would be better than my boyfriends mix matched “man” furniture. The next time I decide to buy a new set (hopefully many years down the road) I will probably go with something more expensive. The upholstered chair was cheaper than most in this style so it’s important to shop around to get the best deal. Take a look around these sites and stores and you’ll probably fall in love with a few of their items.

Below these pictures are links to my finds:



Living Room Finds:


Love Seat:

Tan Throw Pillow:

Grey Throw Pillow:





“Love” Signs:

Candle Sticks: Homeology




Candle holders:


Light Fixture:

A New Year, A New List of Projects

Looking back on 2016…

2016 was a year full of projects. We actually got most of our farmhouse done! Here is a quick look of the projects that were completed in my home in 2016:

Bathroom Project:

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Dining Room Project:

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Living Room Project:

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Upstairs Update:

Wood Wall:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


For the most part, these rooms are complete. This year I want to focus on finishing the little things in our home that did not get done. I have a habit of starting a project, getting most of it done, but then put off the finish work. These little things do not take long to do, it’s just getting the ambition to start them. It’s time to get the ball rolling, because I want have my new list done before next year. These projects are not going create as much of a punch as last years did, but I won’t be afraid to show some corners of my home that make me cringe.

2017 To Do List:

Quarter round on baseboards

Trim on bead board

New vents

New light switch covers

Refinish bathroom vanity

New plumbing fixtures installed

New knobs and pulls in bathroom

Tile Bathroom

New railing upstairs

Finish Bedroom Decorating

Carpet North Bedroom

Update Entry Way

New north door

Update Kitchen

East Bedroom Project

This year I will be on a strict budget. I am working to pay off my vehicle and schooling this year. I should also mention that we plan on adding to our home in the next year or so. We are adding a new kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. With this being said, I won’t do much to our current kitchen. It’s not worth spending the money on it when in a year or two, we will have a new one.

This year I plan to help other people with their homes and building my portfolio. I will be helping decide what paint colors would look best in the space, figuring the feel of the space, and appropriate décor. All of this should be done while keeping to the clients budget. It’s important to budget your projects before you start. Think of possibilities that could go wrong so you can figure that in. If it is a larger project, put in a contingency. I have discovered that projects end up being twice the amount you think they will be. It is important to keep in check daily to stay on budget. My first client will be my mother. She is refreshing her downstairs living space with new paint and décor. I will keep you all updated when this project begins. 🙂 Do you have any projects you plan to tackle this year?