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Daily Archives: January 19, 2017

Bathroom Organizing: Open Shelving

Well here it is, my first late post. It’s been such a crazy week, we all have that right? The other day I decided to declutter, which is a huge stress reliever. I organized it (and hopefully it stays that way) top to bottom in a way that makes it super convenient yet stylish.

Bathrooms can be ridiculously expensive, depending on your taste. I’m cursed with loving everything expensive. I don’t always go for it, but it’s the first thing that will catch my eye. Hide the price tags and I’m sure I can still point it out. Anyways, we all can’t afford to do a huge renovation.

One of the many things you can do with your bathroom is have organized storage. I chose to have open shelving in my bathroom cabinet so it constantly has to look neat. I love everything fresh and clean (except my car, it’s a mess). The first thing to do is to declutter. Take out all of the things you do not need. Don’t try to convince yourself to keep that two year old lipstick you’ll never actually use. Throw it in the trash.

My cabinet started off as its natural wood finish so I decided to paint it white. After I did all that work, we added white shiplap. The white cabinet wasn’t a statement anymore. I wanted to add some contrast and give the bathroom a classic industrial feel. I decided painted it black instead. One thing to add about painting furniture black…it gets SUPER dusty! So think carefully before you pick up the brush.

With open shelving, you might want more “pretty pieces” to go inside the cabinet. Consider what these pieces can be functional for. Our bathroom is a tight space so being creative was necessary.

I placed bath towels on the bottom right shelf. Towels are used every day so they should be in reach and easy to access. I also put a few more a couple levels up for extra. Candles give me a sense of relaxation, so why not put them in them in the bathroom? On the bottom left shelf is a woven basket with hand and wash towels. Matching towels give a higher end look. The white towels make you feel as if you’re in a hotel. I keep my wash towels dark because of make up.

The next level up contains a metal basket of TP. I have a confession here, I don’t use this TP. It’s totally for looks because of my OCD. I need there to be an amount that keeps it looking full and never running too low. We stash our actually TP in the bottom cabinet which has doors. I keep the decorative TP because, well, it’s just cute okay? Next to the metal basket it a jar of cotton balls.

The top basket on the right contains medicines. We get sick once or twice a year so we can put them up higher. While you’re putting medicine in the appropriate place, check the expirations while your at it. I kept the Tylenol in the drawer because I get headaches often. You’d be amazed at what you’ve been hoarding over the years

It is so important to keep most of your bathroom décor feeling like you’re in a bathroom. When I first decorated this space, I put random things in the shelves. Sure it was cute, but it was like what’s the purpose of the pitcher on the shelf?  You can totally have random items, but it’s fun to add a bit of creativity!

I received the mason jar set as a gift for graduation a few years ago. It’s super cute and you can use it anywhere in your home! It originally had flowers in it, but it worked perfectly for this space. I dumped the flowers and put q tips, cotton balls, and face was in them. Still stylish, but very functional. Other options you could do: toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotions, nail polish, etc. The last shelf belongs to the feminine products. I put razors, tampons, etc in this bucket. All products are hidden, but are still accessible.

Soo.. here’s a review of the way I have organized:

1. Towels: Bath and wash

2. Daily Necessities: toothbrushes, pastes, cotton balls, toilet paper, etc.

3. Extra Towels and other necessities

4. Medicines and once a month products

I could see levels 1 and 2 switched around to fit your personal needs. May cabinet also contains a few drawers and doors under the open shelving. These are products I don’t want to show the world or aren’t visually appealing. They contain face washes, acne treatments, hair products, etc. The lower cabinet contains cleaning supplies for the bathroom. All tucked away and looking lovely.

I hope this helped inspire some ideas for your own bathroom!