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Hello friends!

So initially this blog was to be strictly home décor, well I’m changing my mind. Like I often do. I love home décor and renovating, but there’s only so much a girl with a tight budget can do. You know what I’m saying?

I am going to be adding posts about easy recipes and possibly beauty. I think with a greater variety of topics to share with you all, the more I will be inspired to create new posts. 😉

What’s going on my life since I haven’t written in a couple of weeks? I have interviewing away and searching for a career. I never knew it could be this difficult. You think once you get a degree that you will be able to find a job right away…wrong. Employers are not only looking for education, but experience as well. Not the easiest task fresh out of college.

The saying “Everything happens for a reason” replays in my head about 50 times a day. “You didn’t get this job because it wasn’t the right one…there’s a better one coming!” It’s hard to stay positive when your scraping for pennies. The best thing to do in my situation is to TRY to stay positive.

Stay positive that things will get better and this is just a minor slump. I’m filling out applications and sending in resumes left and right… I’m doing everything I should in my situation….right?

When times are rough like this, it’s important to enjoy and embrace the little things. AND ABSOLUTELY NO ONLINE SHOPPING. Right now I have the time to reflect on what I really want to do in life and what my goals are.  It’s an opportunity to see what you can do with little money. I also have time to finish things around the house that I couldn’t do while I was working…There’s always a bright side if you just give yourself a chance to look.

Other than my job hunting, we are done with the drywall and painting in the new office! Next on the list is the ceiling!



New posts are on their way!

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