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Daily Archives: October 4, 2017

Layered V-Neck Top

Hey there!

It has been a pretty relaxing day. You know, the kind of day where the hours just fly by? I spent most of my day riding on the lawn mower. We have had rain nonstop the past few days so it’s made the grass grow extra fast. I also have to admit that an untamed lawn is a huge pet peeve of mine. One of the most satisfying things for me is to see those straight lines and smell the fresh cut grass in the air. It’s the little things.

Today I have an outfit that kind of reminds me of spring, but I think it’s good to keep things interesting! It’s a flowy pinkish-light beige top (they call it macademia), white pants, and sassy leopard print shoes to throw it all together. This is one of those outfits that inspire me to be the hot mom in the Range Rover someday (keep dreaming right?).

The flowy v-neck and white Miss Me jeans are from Buckle. The V-neck is very soft and comfortable, but I will admit the neckline goes a little too low for my personal preference. I feel the money was worth it, because it was less than $30!  These jeans are seriously my favorite. I am obsessed with the rose gold stitching and beautiful design on the back pockets.

I also added this pink and gold necklace from Francescas to add a little sparkle.

My favorite part of this particular outfit is the leopard print heels from Nordstrom. I scored them for $90 when they were on sale!

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