Gilded Intent Cold Shoulder Sweater

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Last night my friends and I had a little girls night, so what better excuse to wear my new sweater? I am in love with this black cold shoulder sweater from Buckle. It’s a very form-fitting sweater, but the open shoulders and elbows allow it to be casual. It is not too lengthy so it’s perfect to show off my high-waisted Levi’s.

These jeans are so comfortable and give a classic look to about any outfit. My mom is baffled that they are back in style, but what can I say? They are adorable!

I wore my black Not Rated Miss G Boots to finish it off. I love these boots, because I can wear them with just about anything and they rarely fall down my legs! I have tiny chicken legs so I have this issue sometimes.


I just love how cute, but casual this outfit is. I found that I like this top better with my hair pulled back into either a messy bun or pony. I also did smokey eye make up to compliment the outfit. I went for a nude lipstick so my eyes were the center of attention.


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