Valentine’s Decor 2018

Hey there!

I decided to do a little decorating for Valentine’s Day again! I don’t really go “all out” for this holiday like I do with Christmas, but this holiday is so much fun to decorate.

It gives me an excuse to break out the feminine touches that I love to use. Pink is also my favorite color. It’s so happy to look at. A great change from the dreary winter.

I most of my decorating in the dining room, because I’ve been playing with some other ideas for my living room. (Hopefully will be showing you this soon!)

I don’t want to break the bank this year decorating, because I’m hoping to save for that addition. But who can go completely without?… I would be so bored if I didn’t at least do something 😅

Trying to stick a budget, I reused many things that I could. I used the same tulips that I had last year in my living room. I used some candle holders that I already had, wine glasses (which explains why they are not all perfectly matching), the lantern, some pillow cases, etc.

What I bought new was: the floral pillow cases, chargers, roses, napkins, striped plates, balloons, garland, jars, and gold candlesticks.

That may seem like a lot new, which I will admit it’s quite the list, but most of it was inexpensive or on sale.

I really wanted to go with a “Kate Spade” theme. I looked at new dining sets online and just couldn’t get myself to buy them. I bought striped paper plates instead. The six or seven dollars was an easier gulp to swallow than over $100.

The floral was all 50% off at Hobby Lobby, so I think I got a great deal there! The chargers were about two dollars a piece, the napkins were inexpensive as well (also purchased at Hobby Lobby).

I paid ten dollars for the balloons and about eight dollars for the garland of Amazon. The garland would have been a super easy DIY, but I was just running low on time. Besides, after all supplies bought and effort put in I would have probably spent the eight dollars making it or more. I felt it was a great deal.

If you plan on purchasing similar balloons, I highly suggest reading the description. I made sure to read it and knew that these balloons would not float with helium. There were some negative reviews that they didn’t float when the description clearly says that they are not made to (pet peeve of mine, please read before you buy).

I got the jars for candy at Hobby Lobby as well. When I went, they were not on sale, but of course the week after they were. Just my luck. Although they were listed at full price, I was able to use the 40% coupon for one of them.

I will have to admit I splurged a bit and spent some dough on the candlesticks. I bought them from Magnolia Market.

I got the medium and small sizes, but I may buy two large ones to complete the sets. It just wasn’t in the budget to buy all of them right now.

I better soon though, because one thing I have learned from shopping Chip and Jo’s site, is that things sell out and inventory gets changed fast.

Anyway, I went with a pink, white, and gold color scheme this year. I used a bit of red for Christmas so I wanted to see a different color the next couple months.

Hope you enjoy! 💕

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  1. Jen @ Real House Tours | 5th Feb 18

    So pretty & festive! You did a great job accessorizing with the perfect amount of pink accents!

    • | 6th Feb 18

      Thanks so much Jen! I really value your opinion and you’re so sweet! This was such a fun holiday to decorate for! 💕

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