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Christmas Tour 2017 Pt. 2

Hey there!

Today I have the second part of my Christmas Tour to show you! This tour will consist of my dining room. I had my tree placed in my living room last year. We rearranged the furniture so it wasn’t going to work there this year. I feel this corner of the dining room is a great spot for it!

I was hoping to get a flocked tree this year, but I didn’t have the money to drop on a new tree. There are DIY methods to create a flocked look for a low cost. We were gifted this tree so I would like to keep it the way it looks and use it on years I choose a traditional theme.

Here is the second part of my tour, hope you enjoy! 🙂






Thanks for reading!

Christmas Tour 2017 Pt. 1

Hey there!

This year I decided to get way more involved with my Christmas decorating than I did last year. I was hoping to go for some crazy colors this year. I’ve seen so many awesome ideas for turquoise and blush, but I decided I should stay on budget and use items I already had. I obviously had to get some new, but I saved some cash reusing the old.

Last year I went with red, silver and gold. I stayed pretty neutral with my color palette. This year, I chose to do red and gold with more pops of red throughout my home. Along with more color, I played with the idea of more Christmas lights this year.

I am splitting up my tour into two posts, because I took quite a few pictures this year. For the first part of my tour, I am going to show you my living room and porch. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Front Porch

Living Room



Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for Part 2!

Spring Home Tour 2017

Hey friends!

I apologize for my lack of posts…again. I accepted an offer as a kitchen designer, so I have been a busy bee this past week training.

This spring I’m on an extremely tight budget, therefor I couldn’t decorate a whole lot (I mean tighter than any budget I’ve been on before). Although I haven’t been one to decorate my entire house seasonally, I was hoping to do more with this season… but oh well, stick to what you can afford! 🙂

This spring I added florals, greenery, decorative eggs, birds, and punches of color here and there. I also did a lot of spring cleaning, decluttering, and rearranging. You may notice the sofa has been moved in front of the window and my magnolia table is has been brought to the front porch. I feel this arrangement provides a great layout.

Dining Room


Living Room



Front Porch


Thanks for checking out my spring décor! 🙂

Valentines Day Decor 2017

This year I decided to do a little decorating for Valentines Day. I haven’t decorated for this holiday before because I often feel the dĂ©cor can be a bit cheesy for my taste. I started following more people on Instagram. I found that there are many ways to accomplish the look without being gaudy.

I am on a tight budget because my job has cut back hours. I am also in the process of finding a replacement full-time job so that doesn’t leave room for extra spending. I purchased items for this holiday that will be able to mesh with spring/early summer dĂ©cor. This will save me money in the future months to come (hopefully I will have better income by then).

I only decorated one room for this holiday. For my buffet table, the only dĂ©cor I bought for the occasion was the flowers. I already had the sign, greenery, and vases.  The sign is about love and I’m pretty sure that is what Valentines Day is about. I chose pink flowers rather than red because I feel red would’ve been a bit too vibrant. I wanted to keep things soft. I love how the vases reflect light and how they give the room a glam touch.


Along with the buffet table, I decorated my dining table. The only items I purchased for this occasion here was the flower and runner. I used candles and a jar that I had stored away. I have seen so many pretty tables on Pinterest and Instagram, but unfortunately I have that annoying budget. I did what I could here. I think the candles give it a romantic feel. The pink flowers accent with the table runner. Pink is also my favorite color so I was pretty excited to have an excuse to use it.


I have been one to stay away from color in my decorating, but the pink accents have inspired me. Maybe a little color isn’t so bad? I plan to reveal another project in a few weeks. I’m challenging myself to use more color for this new room and will be a bit more glam (hope you don’t mind). I’m excited to have more to show you all! Have a wonderful Valentines Day!

Christmas 2016