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Deep Burgundy Chenille Sweater

Hey there!

A couple weeks ago I went shopping with some gal pals of mine (like actual shopping, not the online shit that I do most of the time). I feel like when I shop online I can spend a bunch of moola in a matter of minutes, but when I shop in person I really have to fall in love with something in order to buy it. I should probably get away from the internet and save some cash, huh?

Anyway, I was doing really well. I spent less than I had planned on my boyfriend’s Christmas gift (score!). We were about ready to take off towards the exit until my friend said, “ooh lets stop in Aerie quick!”. You know this is the point of the trip where we are all ready to go to BDUBS and chow down on some mildly hot wings and stuff our faces with French fries dipped in ranch… and maybe a drink or two.

We put on our brave hangry faces and went in. Don’t get me wrong, I love Aerie/American Eagle, but at this point I was ready to go… Until I picked up a few amazing sweaters that felt like I was touching soft plushy clouds.

Seriously, you guys have to check them out. If I had the cash, I would buy a pile of them and just roll around in them. They are the most comfortable sweaters to wear.

Unfortunately, I have only enough cash to roll around in my tears, so I only bought three. I am a little hesitant to buy a top over $50. I really have to love it. The price tag was a little under that mark (forty-four dollars and ninety-five cents to be exact). But when I put this sweater on… I felt like I was taking the first bite into a warm gooey cinnamon roll, sipping hot cocoa with mini white marshmallows, and watching snow softly fall outside my window…there was no other option. I had to have it.

We brought the sweaters up to the counter and to my surprise, they were on sale. It was meant to be. *heavenly noise inserted here*

The sweater I am showing you today is a “deep burgundy” color. I would say it looks red in some lighting and slightly orange in others. The sale price I bought it for was $26.97! I spent less than $100 on all three sweaters together. *gasp* 

I wore a pair of my American Eagle jeggings, these awesome boots socks (I can’t remember where I got them, because it’s been like two years, whoops), and my Corral boots. To accessorize, I wore this amazing necklace from my hometown décor and fashion boutique, The Porch On Main. I love it, because it is so neutral.

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Pink V-Neck Sweater

Hey there!

Well, we finally got some snow here! November was kind of an odd month for us, we had very warm weather compared to usual. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. I have a feeling that we will have to pay for it in the spring, but let’s just hope this will be a short winter.

To keep me warm on this snowy day, I wore my pink v neck sweater which is on sale for $25.00 right now! It comes in three different colors: beige, black, and blush. What better colors are there? Seriously…my favs.

This sweater is so fuzzy and comfortable, I just love it! I paired it with white skinny jeans (my most comfortable pair of jeans) and black knee high boots. My Guess purse is so neutral and I love it, but I have a black one on my Christmas list that would go even better with this outfit.

I went a little softer with my makeup today. I usually like to put dark shadow and a little eyeliner underneath my eyes, but this look needed to be a bit softer and elegant. Pinks and light colors were chosen to compliment the sweater and a more natural look.

Eyeshadow: Strange, Dust, Limit, and Nooner out of my Naked 3 palette.

Bronzer: Hoola

Highlighter: Cover FX “Celestial” and I lightly went over it with Tarte “Stunner”

Blush: NARS “Orgasm”

Lipstick: The first layer I used KoKo K liquid matte lipstick. The second layer is used cremesheen lipstick “Mcizzle”


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Leopard Cardigan

Hey there!

So, I was going to have this awesome chicken recipe for you guys this week, but let’s just say it didn’t turn out very well. I’m thinking I left it in the crockpot a tad bit too long and it turned out pretty bland and dry. Guess I’ll have to try that one again.

What I do have is this awesome leopard cardigan to show you! I wore this for Thanksgiving this year and I loved it! It’s super soft, comfortable, and how can you not love leopard print?! Unfortunately, this sweater was so popular, it sold out! The original one from Hollister was about $50, but here is a similar one for $59.

This ivory colored tank is perfect under a cardigan, but is also beautiful on its own for summer months. I love the lace detail and the best part, it’s only $25! The jeggings are American Eagle Super Super Stretch (I seriously can’t get enough of them, they are SO comfortable!) and are on sale for $29.99! These suede over the knee boots are from Bohme. They are very soft and have a beautiful lace up pattern on the back.

Gilded Intent Cold Shoulder Sweater

Hey There!

Last night my friends and I had a little girls night, so what better excuse to wear my new sweater? I am in love with this black cold shoulder sweater from Buckle. It’s a very form-fitting sweater, but the open shoulders and elbows allow it to be casual. It is not too lengthy so it’s perfect to show off my high-waisted Levi’s.

These jeans are so comfortable and give a classic look to about any outfit. My mom is baffled that they are back in style, but what can I say? They are adorable!

I wore my black Not Rated Miss G Boots to finish it off. I love these boots, because I can wear them with just about anything and they rarely fall down my legs! I have tiny chicken legs so I have this issue sometimes.


I just love how cute, but casual this outfit is. I found that I like this top better with my hair pulled back into either a messy bun or pony. I also did smokey eye make up to compliment the outfit. I went for a nude lipstick so my eyes were the center of attention.


Thanks for reading!

Taupe Floppy Hat and Quilted Vest

Hey there!

A little update on life, I painted my bedroom (again) this past weekend. I am waiting on different curtains and debating on the bedding currently. I will make a post about it when it is complete. That room has been quite the struggle for me because I didn’t know what MY personal taste was for a bedroom. I have finally found what I was searching for and cant wait to show you all! 🙂

Back to fashion, today I have an olive striped top with elbow patches (which is unfortunately sold out!), a camel quilted vest, dark blue jeggings, and tan boots. I accessorized with a taupe floppy hat (which tends to come off very olive), ray-ban sunglasses, a glitzy bar necklace, guess purse and unfortunately my ponytail that I forgot on my wrist. The best score from this outfit is definitely the jeggings, how can you beat $20 for a comfortable pair of pants?!


Thanks for reading! 🙂

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Black Daytrip Open Weave Sweater

Hey there!

I really hate to bring up the weather, because that screams “not interesting”…but it’s fricken COLD!!! I am ready for nice fall weather..sweaters and pretty leaves..why the hell is there snow falling? Looks like I should buy some mittens early this year? *pulls out hair*

Just kidding, kind of. I decided to be daring today. I wore white pants on a day where the forecast read: rainy/muddy.. and I succeeded to keep them clean (woot woot!). I was feeling pretty classy so I went with my black daytrip open weave sweater, white jeans, guess purse, cat-eye sunglasses, double bar strand necklace, and faux suede boots. 

This outfit (excluding the purse) is under $160!


Thanks for reading!

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Daytrip Open Weave Sweater

Hey friends! So, I’ve decided to add a fashion/beauty segment to my blog. I have dreams of becoming a jaw-dropping fashionista and interior design guru, but as of now I have a small budget and a world of planning in order to get that far. Eventually these posts will be filled with dozens of spectacular bare with me for now. I did a little premature online sweater shopping this summer and picked out this cozy open weaved sweater from Buckle.

I have trouble finding clothes in my XS size from boutiques, so I like to shop popular stores that carry this size. It is slightly shorter in the front than the back and is a little more form fitting than most. This soft beige sweater goes well with these dark super stretch American Eagle jeggings and Corral riding boots.

I love these jeggings not only for the stretch and softness, but also the price! They are listed under $30! The Corral boots are a splurge of over $150, but they are worth it to me. They are built tough and go with just about anything.

The best part about the sweater? Its under $40! It is from the Daytrip line at Buckle. I love this line because it is super affordable 🙂

This adorable necklace is from a local shop The Porch on Main in Sibley, Iowa.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to make any comments or ask questions!


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My Favorite Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Finds

Sale Ends August 6th, 2017

#1 Tia Genuine Calf Hair Pump

Price: $89.90

#2 Siena Indoor/Outdoor Rug

(recommended to use indoors only)

Price: (5 x 7) $283.90

#3 1-Inch Gold Styler

Price: $133.00


#4 Oaxaca Prussian Duvet Cover

Price: (Queen/Full): $133.90

#5 ‘Mia – Electric Pink’ Sonic Skin Cleansing System

Price: $86.00


#6 Leather Jacket

Price: $199.90

#7 Madolee Over the Knee Boot

Price: $159.90

#8 Woven Jute & Cotton Rug

Price: $283.90

#9 Wonder Forest Pillow

Price: $32.90

#10 ‘Draper Stripe’ 300 Thread Count Sheet Set

Price: $133.90

#11 Pineapple Canvas Accent Pillow

Price: $25.90

#12 ‘Social Proper Ascot’ Pillow

Price: $32.90


#13 Wool Blend Reefer Coat

Price: $139.90


#14 ‘Translucent Tulip’ Giclée Print Framed Canvas Art

Price: $80.90

#15 Constantine Genuine Shearling Boot

Price: $109.90


Favorite Chandeliers Under $250

#1 Dark Bronze Globe Chandelier

Price: $149.99

#2 Dimitri 3-Light Candle-Style Chandelier

Price: $139.99

#3 Camille 5-Light Candle-Style Chandelier

Price: $249.99

#4 Eliza 3-Light Empire Chandelier

Price: $245.99

#5 Harper 6-Light Washed Wood Chandelier

Price: $209.00

#6 Crown Wooden Chandelier

Price: $249.99

#7 Twirlie 16.5-inch Hemp Rope Antique Bronze Metal Chandelier

Price: $143.99

#8 La Pedriza Antique Black 3-light Glass and Metal Chandelier

Price: $138.99

#9 Kenroy Home Pannier Oil Rubbed Bronze Six-Light Chandelier

Price: $216.00

#10 Kenna 5-Light Mini Chandelier

Price: $228.60



Favorite Amazon Farmhouse Finds Under $100



#1 Magnolia Wreath

Price: $59.95

#2 Grocery Sign

Price: $84.99

#3 Decorative Jugs

Price: $34.99

#4 Gallery Wall Sign

Price: $29.95

#5 Industrial Wall Sconce

Price: $45.00

#6 Farmhouse Pillow Cover

Price: $18.99

#7 Distressed Metal Chair

Price: $55.30

#8 Area Rug

Price: $75.46

Size: 4 x 6

#9 Orbital Pendant Chandelier

Price: $97.99

#10 Tobacco Baskets

Price: $79.95