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Valentines Day Decor 2017

This year I decided to do a little decorating for Valentines Day. I haven’t decorated for this holiday before because I often feel the décor can be a bit cheesy for my taste. I started following more people on Instagram. I found that there are many ways to accomplish the look without being gaudy.

I am on a tight budget because my job has cut back hours. I am also in the process of finding a replacement full-time job so that doesn’t leave room for extra spending. I purchased items for this holiday that will be able to mesh with spring/early summer décor. This will save me money in the future months to come (hopefully I will have better income by then).

I only decorated one room for this holiday. For my buffet table, the only décor I bought for the occasion was the flowers. I already had the sign, greenery, and vases.  The sign is about love and I’m pretty sure that is what Valentines Day is about. I chose pink flowers rather than red because I feel red would’ve been a bit too vibrant. I wanted to keep things soft. I love how the vases reflect light and how they give the room a glam touch.


Along with the buffet table, I decorated my dining table. The only items I purchased for this occasion here was the flower and runner. I used candles and a jar that I had stored away. I have seen so many pretty tables on Pinterest and Instagram, but unfortunately I have that annoying budget. I did what I could here. I think the candles give it a romantic feel. The pink flowers accent with the table runner. Pink is also my favorite color so I was pretty excited to have an excuse to use it.


I have been one to stay away from color in my decorating, but the pink accents have inspired me. Maybe a little color isn’t so bad? I plan to reveal another project in a few weeks. I’m challenging myself to use more color for this new room and will be a bit more glam (hope you don’t mind). I’m excited to have more to show you all! Have a wonderful Valentines Day!