Home Tour

Welcome to our little farmhouse! Things are constantly changing around here so I update this page accordingly. This little place may not seem like much to you, but it’s everything to us. The work will continue to more extensive projects over time and some day it will become our dream home. We plan to add on in a couple of years so eventually these rooms will be completely overhauled and transformed. Please stay tuned to where our journey takes us!


We have a small entry that leads you to a coat bench, basement door, and the kitchen. This room is temporary and will not be here in the future, therefore this room isn’t worth sticking any effort in beside a little paint and décor.


We have a small 11’x13′ and not so cute kitchen. I painted the cabinets white, added some stick on backsplash (which did fall off so it’s not there anymore), and painted the walls (we also have hardware on the cabinets now). There isn’t a whole lot going on in here because this will not be a kitchen forever. We plan to add a new one on. This will most likely be a guest bedroom.

Living Room

We added shiplap to this room in 2016 and I love the way it turned out. Although I love the way it looks, I dream of having a bigger living room with tall ceilings for family gatherings, so the plan is to convert this room in a couple of years into a play room for children (as of right now we aren’t planning to have any until the house is done!).





Dining Room

This is my favorite room in the house because of the natural light and warmth it brings. We updated it in 2016 by adding shiplap, redoing the floors, updating the paint color and furniture. Eventually, I would like to take out the plaster and put in new drywall. As of right now, we plan to keep this the dining room.




We touched up the bathroom in January of 2016. We added shiplap, changed fixtures, painted the sink, and decorated to give it a facelift. The bathroom works for my boyfriend and I, but it is super cramped! We plan to make this space more functional by reworking the footprint. We plan to gut this out and start over from the studs.


We plan to add on a new master so we can fit a king size bed. This room was covered in 3 or so layers of wallpaper when we moved in. I will never remove wallpaper again (worst thing in the world!). This room will most likely become a spare bedroom/office.





The upstairs is actually the level with the most “new”. The middle room is shown in these photos. We added carpet in 2015 because I was doing my homework up here for college and wanted a space to feel comfortable in. The walls were redone before we moved in. This room is pretty dull, but we aren’t going to pour money into something that’s not being used. We plan to vault the ceiling, build a wall of closets, and put in new electrical in this middle room. We also have two other rooms up here. One is currently being renovated to be my office for the time being and the other is being used for my boyfriends “man cave”. They will eventually become kids rooms.


North Porch

This porch is connected to the living room and leads to outside. I created a wood wall in here in 2016 and have been in love with it since! The flooring in the main level will eventually be replaced to not only be cohesive, but this room has water damage on the wood. We will get a new door and put on some stairs to go outside.